Girl Scouts Customer Success Story

The Girl Scouts Use Custom Hair Ties as Fun, New, Promotional Product for Regularly Held Recruitment Events.

The Girl Scouts Heart of Central New Jersey is one of twelve major Girl Scout groups across the country. Holly Brandes, the head of the Girl Scout’s marketing team, was looking for a fun, new, promotional product for regularly held recruitment events.

This year, around 8,000 scouts and 10,000 adults are expected to participate in Girl Scout events. Of all the promotional items Holly tried, including brochures, flyers, pencils, pens and knick knacks, our hair ties literally have “staying power” in terms of brand recognition. The girls put them on and never take them off! This was the recruitment staff’s first time trying out branded hair ties as a giveaway and they ran out in just one event. Holly immediately placed a reorder right before Memorial Day.

Holly’s main concern about her order was a quick turn around time. Some competitors offered slightly lower prices but what drew Holly to us was our guaranteed delivery date and a picture on our website of previous Girl Scout Troop hair ties we produced. This was all she needed to sign on with The Elastic Band Company.

"I would say the customer service, honestly, was really, really good and that instilled a lot of confidence in us"

“It’s such a good tool to get more than just a piece of paper in front of someone. It’s another way for people to know who we are and recognize our name. And with the hair ties especially,” says Holly, “with a brochure or a postcard someone might take them and throw it away, but with a hair tie it has staying power because that’s something they’ll have on their wrist almost all the time”

Holly also let us know that what instilled confidence in us was our excellent customer service, stating “right before the holiday weekend, I knew we had a fairly tight turnaround. I would say the customer service, honestly, was really, really good and that instilled a lot of confidence in us”

She went on to say, “I would recommend Elastic Band Co. to any other troops. Their bands are excellent quality and their customer service is amazing.”