Living on a One Way Customer Success Story

Video Blogger Shayla Hoheisel Found a Creative Way to Use Custom Hair Ties to Promote Her Brand and YouTube Channel

Shayla Hoheisel is a video blogger from the YouTube channel “Living on a One Way”, where she chronicles her travels and adventures across the world. Shayla is constantly trying to grow her social media presence to bring traffic to her YouTube channel. She often makes connections with people in remote parts of the world where there is limited cell service, so she uses business cards to share her social media information. Shayla noticed that people tend to lose business cards — they get shuffled at the bottom of bags and backpacks, and are found weeks later. That’s when she had the idea to put her social media handle on elastic wrist bands.

“The customer service on par, the product is perfect, and I'm amped about it! I love your company!“

The difference was noticeable almost immediately. According to Shayla, people light up when they see the hair ties. As a YouTube content creator and Blogger, sharing your information is crucial to growing your brand. Shayla has found her ideal way to tell the world about Living on a One Way and that’s with our customized hair ties. “I think it’s the greatest thing ever,” says Shayla about our product, recalling that people often remember the name of her YouTube channel from seeing it on the hair tie, a truly unique way to promote her brand.

Shayla also gives away her custom hair ties to people she meets at conferences and events as business cards, “when I give them as a gift, people are so excited,”. When following up with companies that have received her trendy elastic business card, usual feedback to the hair ties have been “oh my gosh, I'm wearing the hair tie right now!”, “I love that!”, and “it’s such a great idea”.

She is also amazed that every order shipped by us comes with a personalized handwritten note, and often shows others a note we have sent with an order. It is just one of the many things we do to show appreciation to our customers.

“The customer service on par, the product is perfect, and I'm amped about it! I love your company!“