New Artwork and Custom Design Tips

Fonts for Custom Hair Ties

The elastic band is roughly ½ inch tall (~5/8”), when using text keep in mind font size. It is recommended to use fonts in the 30-50pt range. Smaller fonts may be used but may or may not print out as shown in the designer, please use caution if the information is important like a web address.

Thicker fonts tend to produce better results than thin fonts on both colored and white bands. You can use the outline feature to add a stroke to your design or email us and ask to thicken your design!


You are free to use as many colors in your artwork as you need. There are certain circumstances where we may need to modify your artwork for production, if this happens we will notify you!

For best results, use contrasting colors! For example if you select a dark colored hair tie (Navy, Purple, Black, Olive, etc) try not to use dark colors in your artwork. Black on most dark colors will be very subtle unless this is the look that you are going for. The colors of the custom headbands on the computer screen will appear brighter and will have more contrast than in the final product.

We can create custom pantone elastic hair tie colors, if you need a certain color that we do not have available, please contact us!

Designing/ Graphics & Logos for Elastic Hair Bands

Uploading and using Vector graphics are preferred (view this video for an explanation on vector vs. raster Images and jpegs may be used however there may be additional work required to make them print ready which could slow down production of your elastic hair bands. If you’re not sure please contact us!

Hair Ties with Non Repeating Designs

When creating a non repeating design it is best to use the top and bottom (left and right) as a separate side. If using one logo you may copy and paste it so when it is worn it will be visible on the top of the wrist and the bottom with the knot facing out or in. Designs that span the whole length of the visible area of the hair tie band will wrap around your wrist, sometimes making it hard to read since you will have to rotate your wrist to read the whole thing.

Hair Ties with Repeating Designs

When creating a repeating design you may copy and paste the repeating logo to the show the correct spacing. We will repeat the design and spacing for you across the length of the hair tie. You may also just use one logo and we can repeat the logo with proper spacing, generally the smaller the logo, the smaller the spacing.

When in doubt, contact us! We are here to help! Email us at